Shoe & Heel Size Guide

All shoes sizes on this site are either US street sizes or European sizes.  If you are unsure what size you need, this guide will help. Please note that 'Australian' sizes are the same as US sizes. The first chart is for Rummos shoes only, please use the other charts for sizing all other dance shoes on this site.




If you need help measuring your feet, this handy 'How-to' will tell you everything you need to know!

Heel Styles & Sizes

The shoes on this site also are available in a variety of heel sizes & styles.  This guide shows how the various styles will look. Again this first chart shows the heel sizes and style for Rummos dance shoes, the second chart may be used for all other dance shoes on this site.



Rummos Dance Shoes Heel Height Options



  • Please note that the heel style is subject to the height of the heel chosen.
  • Not all heel sizes are available with all shoe styles, please check the product page to view the heel sizes available.
  • Please be aware that the shoe may differ than what is shown on this site if a different heel height is chosen.
  • For any queries regarding the heel heights and styles of shoes available on this site, please contact me at


Thank you & happy dancing!