Instructions for DIY Suede Soles Sheet

Thank you for choosing to purchase the DIY Suede Soles Sheet with Adhesive Backing. Here are some instructions to help you get the best out of this product.

  1. Ensure that the soles of your shoes are clean and dry. You may need to use a brush to ensure there are no loose bits on the soles of your shoes.
  2. Place the sole of one shoe on the paper side of the suede sheet and trace the outline of the shoe with a permanent marker (due to the shiny surface of the paper, pens will not work easily). Make sure you line the shoe as far to one side as you can so that both shoes will fit.
  3. Repeat with the other shoe. You may like to turn this shoe around (i.e. so that they line up toe to heel with the first shoe) to ensure a good fit.
  4. Using a good pair of scissors, cut the soles from the sheet as marked.
  5. Start to peel back the paper from one end of one suede sole; only peel back a very small amount to start with.
  6. Very lightly stick the exposed adhesive to the shoe sole. Once it is lightly attached, adjust the suede sole so that the full piece lines up correctly with the whole shoe. Once aligned, press this section in place more securely.
  7. Slowly and carefully peel back more of the paper backing, attaching the adhesive to the shoe sole as you go. Be careful not to pull too much of the paper backing without attaching it to the shoe sole as it is very tacky and will be difficult to fix after it is attached.
  8. Repeat steps 1-7 for the other shoe/sections as required.
  9. After attaching the suede soles, put your shoes on and carefully walk around for a few minutes.
  10. Stand still and shift your weight front to back and side to side, ensuring that all areas of the suede soles bear your weight for at least a few seconds. This step is very important as the 3M adhesive is pressure sensitive and will create a better bond under high pressure.

Now you are ready to dance! These DIY suede soles work the same as suede soled dance shoes and are designed for use on well-maintained wood dance floors. As with suede soled dance shoes, you may need to clean your DIY soles – use a shoe brush to brush the dirt off (be careful of the edges of the soles).

Please note that these instructions are based on putting the suede onto a flat pair of shoes such as sneakers or ballet flats. If you are putting suede onto the heels of your dance shoes, please keep this in mind and adjust the instructions to suit the area you are working with.

Any questions, contact Nikki –

Happy Dancing!