XDM - eX Demo Market dance shoes

These dance shoes are being given a second life! They are not second hand dance shoes as such but have been classed as ex demonstration. Not quite new but 'near-new', maybe they have been tried on a few times and the suede sole isn't a clean as a brand new pair would be or maybe someone has a 'near- new' pair of dance shoes that they have purchased in the past and have found that the heel was wasn't quite right or maybe they didn't quite fit. All dance shoes in this category have only been worn a couple of times at the most.

Either way if you are looking for cheap dance shoes then you'll find them here!

Please note that these shoes are strictly non refundable or exchangeable, so please be sure to check the size & heel style/height is right for you. Some of these dance shoes may have been purchased new from fldsc.com.au, however as this is a service to help all dancers there is no guarantee on the quality of the dance shoes originally purchased elsewhere.

You will be see many photos with different angles for each pair of shoes in this category to help you gauge the state of the shoes - only ex demo quality will be accepted.

For more information or if you have a pair of dance shoes you would like to try and sell (rather than storing them in the back of the cupboard(!)), feel free to contact me.


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