Low Heels

Most dance shoes available on this site are custom made and will take about 2-4 weeks to arrive from the time of ordering (a limited range of dance shoes are available now).

Please be aware that your new shoes may look different to the shoes pictured depending on the size heel that you choose. All of the shoes in this category can be ordered with a low heel, typically used by Modern Jive and West Coast Swing dancers. If you are a West Coast Swing Dancer be sure to choose a 1.6 inch or 1.4inch heel for your new dance shoes (Modern Jive dancers may also like to try a higher heel).

Dance shoes on this site are based on standard either US street sizes or European sizes, click here to check your shoe size if you are unsure.

All dance shoes come with a shoe bag free of charge. Click here to purchase shoe brushes and other accessories for your new dance shoes!

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