Choose Your Heel Size

Nikkela Jorritsma

One of the most unique things about The Footloose Dance Shoe Company is your ability to get shoes made in the heel size you of your choice!
That's right, any of the ladies' Ballroom style dance shoes on this site can be made with a variety of heel sizes & styles...if that's not cause for a happy dance, I don't know what is!
Being a West Coast Swing dancer & teacher myself, I was always disappointed to see all of the beautiful dance shoes that were available in Australia...all of the ones that I couldn't have because the heels were too high! West Coast Swing Dancers traditionally wear dance shoes with a low 1.6 inch heel & the only dance shoes I could find with this heel were strappy black ones that were not comfortable for my feet.
This was one of the main reasons for my to start up The Footloose Dance Shoe Company, so that I could have (!) & offer a large range of beautiful dance shoes in a variety of widths, with a heel height of your choice & all at great prices with free shipping.
All you need to do is choose your new dance shoes, choose the size & the heel height/style you want & then finalise your order! It really is that easy!
If you have any questions, please feel free to send a message using the 'Message Us' tab on this page.
Happy Dancing!